Meet the Dentist

Donald W. Ririe DDS

Timothy J. Houlihan Jr., DMD, FAGD

Graduating from high school in Montana, Dr. Houlihan spent 4 years as a member of an elite special operations unit, the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Upon completion of his service agreement Dr. Houlihan returned to the University of Montana where he received his Bachelor’s of Science. He then went on to receive his dental degree (D.M.D.) at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. His next four years were spent practicing dentistry in the Army Dental Corps. where he served two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom treating the dental needs of U.S. and coalition troops and contractors before returning to Oregon to pursue his dreams of private practice.

Graduating dental school in 2002 it wasn’t until 2006 that Dr Houlihan was able to purchase his first dental practice in Beaverton, OR. Dr. Houlihan’s vision was to move closer to family while working for the VA and caring for our veterans. More recently, our family has gone through a lot of transition in the last few years: we moved my parents from Seattle in order to care for them; we bought a house in West Linn for all of us to share; my daughter transitioned from home school to high school; my son transitioned from home school to the community college; we sold our practice anticipating a move to a warmer climate; I commuted to Warm Springs Reservation doing dentistry for Indian Health Services while we looked for other opportunities. We were surprised when a friend listed his practice and it turned out to be a perfect fit, in Oregon. I am excited to call Dental Professionals home!

Dr. Houlihan is committed to provide excellence in cosmetic, implant, and restorative dentistry with or without sedation. He has made it his priority to research and offer the most effective techniques, materials, hand equipment to his patients and skillfully provide them with beautiful results. He has integrated advanced technology such as digital x-ray viewing, intra-oral cameras, computer imaging and electronic patient education which will allow patients to enjoy better, faster and more comfortable care.

Dr. Houlihan is a strong believer in organized dentistry and continuing education. This allows him to stay up to date on the latest advances in dentistry that are scientifically documented to improve patient care, comfort, and provide for excellence in care options.

His wife Brenda is an elementary school teacher and is just finishing her degree in counseling. They have 2 children, Patrick and Anya. He enjoys his family, sports, camping and getting out on the river.